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[ Congratulations on finding this site - Now what?

That depends on why you are here.  Pick one:

1) If the thought ever occured that you might want to stop being dependent on opiates your self, the by all means bookmark this site.  If you are on a PC, just press CTRL D.  The condensed no-nonsense field experience for DIY (Do it Yourself) detox found here can't be beat.

2) You are researching opiate withdrawal. Your milage here will vary, depending on your intent.

If you fall into catagory 1, then the following message is for you. ]

Perhaps it’s finally become clear to you that you want to stop altering your emotional state with opiates.

Congratulations!  (Even if you’re not quite sure about whether you want to embark upon opiate withdrawal yet.)

I’ve been through opiate withdrawal one too many times, so, as a scientist and researcher, I’ve put all the best information together for DIY opiate withdrawal.

Why DIY?  For various reasons, going through a documented detox is not the right choice for everyone. In any case, you will find original information on this website that will make your journey easier, perhaps a lot easier.

Get prepared and get some background information under your belt at


Discover what you can do to ease yourself through the first few days at

http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/into-the-crux/ and http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/day-1/

Learn about various drugs and herbs that can help at


http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/thomas-recipe/ and


Discover the secrets to keep from relapsing at

http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/the-long-grind/ and http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/paws/

Finally, get my more recent musings at http://opiatewithdrawaltips.com/blog/


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